Utilize the lowest possible rates for overland shipments in Pakistan with DTD. Our overland service is specifically set for transportation of bulky shipments and heavy goods across the country. With the largest network nationwide, DTD offers safe, secure and reliable deliveries within 72-96 hours of your booking.

An economical solution for all goods weighing 10Kg or above.

Overland Courierpp

Below are the flat rates for our service areas,


Zones Weight Amount Each Additional KG
Local 10 KG Rs. 200 Rs. 20
Same Zone 10 KG Rs. 300 Rs. 30
Other Zone 10 KG Rs. 400 Rs. 40

*minimum chargeable weight is 10kg

*free Pickup available from your doorstep


a) Services available to the following stations only

b) Where shipment exceeds the standard size the weight will be calculated on: [Length(cm) x Breadth(cm) x Height(cm)] / 5000